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Scenic Design

Evidence of Things Unseen
Taproot Theatre Company, March 2016

Director: Scott Nolte

Scenic Design: Amanda Sweger

Lighting Design: Brian Engle

Costume Design: Sarah Burch Gordon

The Nina Variations
Belmont University with Verge Theatre

Director: Jacklynn Jutting

Scenic Design: Amanda Sweger

Lighting Design: Paul Gatrell

Costume Design: Jessica Mueller

In this anachronistic production, Treplev remained in the time period in which he committed suicide. Three women of different ages and eras represent Nina as she continued to live her life, replaying the incidents of the past in hopes of a different outcome. Elements of modern times were sprinkeled thorougout the set due to the metatheatrical nature of the play's structure. Upstage, the clock is a clear representation of this symbolism.  Pages of dialogue from The Seagull funnel into the period style clock which projects the digital font scene numbers which are referenced in the dialogue.

In Darfur
TimeLine Theatre Company, January 2011

Director: Nick Bowling

Scenic Design: Amanda Sweger

Lighting Design: Jesse Klug

Costume Design: Lindsey Pate

Projection Design: Mike Tutaj

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